Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night! Red pepper and Goat Cheese Frittata

So, I'd never made a frittata before. I'm going to be making more of them, though. Score one more for the cast iron skillet.

Basic ingredients:
-1 Cup sliced up red bell peppers
-1 bunch of scallions, chopped
-8 Eggs
-1/2 Tsp salt
-1/2 Tsp finely chopped Oregano
-1/2 Tsp freshly ground pepper
-1 Tsp Extra Light Olive Oil
-1 Cup crumbled Goat Cheese
-1/2 Cup Robust Gouda

Do all of the prep work before you put anything in the pan. Things happen pretty fast after that.

Pre-heat the Cast iron Skillet to the high side of medium. Turn on the broiler and let that go for a while. Put the rack close to the top of the oven.

Mix up the salt, pepper, oregano, and eggs.

Put in the oil. Put in the vegetables. Fry the veggies until they're starting to feel cooked. (3-4 minutes)

Add the egg, dump the 2 cheeses on top. Then throw the whole skillet into the oven/broiler for 3 or 4 minutes, until the gouda just starts to brown.

Pull the skillet back out, and let it cool for 3-4 minutes more. The skillet will continue to lightly cook the eggs, so the finished product is moist, but not wet or runny. After it's cooled a bit, and has started to pull away from the pan, flip the whole thing over onto a platter or dish that's large enough.

The finished product is a thing of beauty, but I really wanted to have one more part to the meal, so I baked some sweet potato fries to serve with the frittata.


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