Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coffee Log: Quick Review: New Bodum Chambord Press

I bought one of these for myself after the holidays.

In general, Bodum seems to make a quality product. That means that I have certain expectations... and that led to a little bit of disappointment here.

The spout is attached to a plastic piece that settled into the top of the beaker. (Older models had the spout made into the actual glass) That would be great if the gasket worked well all the time. But it doesn't. The result is a leak that happens underneath the pour spout, which then runs down the front of the press, and onto the table, while you pour your coffee.

There are 'ears' made into the top of the metal cage that holds the beaker. They are clearly designed to hold that top in place, which they do. But it's a screw-in kind of feel, and the ears aren't really sufficient for that: they deflect, allowing the top to continue to rotate. Not really a functional issue, but it does lead to a feeling that the metal is flimsy. Functionally, it doesn't need to be robust. But that lack of robust-ness combined with the leaky top just leads to my impression that this just isn't as good as the kind of product I expect from Bodum.

(The coffee is fine... it's still a Bodum French press. I just wish it felt like a nicer product, and I wouldn't ever use this over a table cloth.)

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