Friday, February 20, 2015

The Big Reboot

A lot can happen in 21 months. We have a kid now. We moved into a new apartment. (The kitchen is still small, but there's room for 2 people to work in there now... sort of. My wood shop imploded. And I'm a stay at home Dad for now, while I work my way towards a Master's program in prosthetics.

This blog is going to reflect more of my life as it is now. I'm a Dad... but I don't really feel like writing a parenting blog. That's way too much blackmail material to put into a public forum. That said, I'm sure some of those stories will find their way into the narrative here. But one of my primary duties is to see to it that the youngster puts food into his face, and swallows it. Anyone with a toddler knows that the easiest way to lose a fight with a toddler is to pick a fight with a toddler, so some of the more successful recipes will make their way here.

I'm also the primary cook in the household. Sometimes that means a bit of experimenting, sometimes it means sticking with things that work. And sometimes, Boston gets buried in snow, the whole thing sucks, and I end up throwing leftover taco meat into a pot of store-bought mac and cheese for comfort food.

Don't judge me. It could be worse. 

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