Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day One

We have a tiny, Piss-Ant Kitchen. It's basically a narrow hallway that spans half of the back of our apartment. It's small enough that even our landlady said it was generally a deal-breaker. But we love it.

This blog is going to be a collaborative effort to explain how we manage to not only manage to cook, but cook productively for up to 9 (!!!) people... that's been the max, so far. James wants to see if the envelope can be pushed further.

The plan so far is to talk about everything... what to cook, how to cook it. Techniques and tools for being productive, and how to approach learning to cook in general, as well as to cook in a small space. There are plans for podcasts, and maybe even a book someday.

But today is just the beginning, so let's do it all one step at a time.


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