Friday, September 17, 2010

Rapid Fire salad: The leftovers' revenge.

So, by sheer dumb luck, I had a great discovery today. Dumb luck and persistence do pay off in the kitchen very frequently.

I was hungry for lunch, and was scouring the fridge for leftovers. I looked at the leftover salad. Flash of insight: There's a lot of cabbage in there. Cabbage is a primary part of stir-fry. A-ha! Celery... also good in stir fry. Carrots, too. The leftover spinach will cook down, and the apples... well, not traditional stir-fry fare, but I don't care.

Out comes the frying pan. Out come some scallions...  Out come the leftovers... And I also found half a portion left of a rice and turkey stir fry that has been around for several days.

Stir fry sauce is typically a little salty and a little sweet. Soy sauce and honey are a great combination. I couldn't find any soy sauce, so I used honey and balsamic vinegar.

The result was a very tasty lunch.

Lesson learned: chopping up vegetables in a food processor makes a good, very fast salad. It also makes a great stir-fry.

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