Thursday, September 30, 2010

Epilogue: Ariel's Editorial

James is posting this, but is pretty sure that Ariel will edit and/or add her own thoughts if she wants to.

This is the epilogue editorial to the night of pasta sauce that has just taken place. The crock pot is burbling away, long term sauce is being made. Tonight's dinner has been cleaned up and leftovers put away, by Ariel, while James was busily trashing out the kitchen in the pursuit of crock pot sauce.

The problem with the piss-ant kitchen is that it's basically a one-person kitchen. This is the issue that continues to rear its head for us. While James was still cooking, the debris extended behind him, across the stove, which had a pan that was browning onions, a pot of pasta, and a pan full of sauce from tonight's dinner. Left of that was a box of pasta, a package of ground turkey, olive oil, and a plastic bowl, that was obstructing Ariel's attempts to get coffee prepped for her early morning tomorrow.

And to the left of that was the sink with the mess from dinner.

There's basically only room for one person to operate in this kitchen at a time. Ariel was able to do some cleaning while I was still piling food into the crock pot at the cooking end of the kitchen, but she was pretty much unable to do anything productive for herself.

For all of my thoughts about how to effectively use the space, it's still an issue if more than one of us are in here at a time.

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